8 worst times for your phone to die

1. You bump into Ed Sheeran and Beyonce and they both want selfies with you because you’re a ledge.

You say: “Let me just grab my pho- AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH”

2 Ordering an Uber/Hailo

Just about to “confirm trip” then baaam, it dies leaving you screaming - I HAD 10%!!!

3. About to record the world’s greatest Snapchat

Your best friend is all kinds of great craic for the first time in months since he got the new girlfriend.

You pull out snapchat to document the greatness, only to find the 500 quid technology marvel is having an extended nap!

To which your friend reverts, gets all serious and says “ I bet it was facebook, its running in the background shure, didya not know that”

4. Talking to a Tinder hottie.

Out of the blue, a solid 9 you swiped right on ages ago matches, Yes!

You whip out the A class banter, rewrite your opener 5 times before its just right, hovering over send…aaaand your phone dies.

5. Trying to drive to literally anywhere 10 minutes outside your town.

I’m surprised I can find me socks without Google Maps. Actually I can’t find me socks. Oooh App idea!!

6. At the airport and your boarding pass is on your phone.

“Sschure tis way handier! Wait.. oh shi*”

7. Overnight and you have an alarm set.


8. A babe in Coppers wants to give you their number!

You would think one of these Guards would have a pen and a notepad…... Nope.


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